Friday, 10 August 2012

A bad GBR poem (because I felt bad)

Me, on my holi-bobs
(which is what Mrs GBR insists on calling holidays)
I’ve seen you, on a Sunday morn,
Rise from your slumber sleepy eyed,
Sit at your computer screen, forlorn,
Shocked GBR has not yet arrived.

It’s all my fault, I take the blame,
Some Sunday’s I am late to rise,
Only playing the ole blogging game
Once the sleep has cleared from both my eyes.

I don’t apologize one jot,
I do this almost every week,
Since the end of 2010, I’ve brought
500 weekly words of critique.

But I do feel bad when I miss
A Sunday morning entirely,
I feel I should put in extra Swiss,
Just to prove I like you, (though shyly).

This weekend I’m on holiday,
And a rare blogless Sunday looms,
So I thought I’d write a poem (hooray),
For you, my friends, to swiftly consume.

The only problem that I faced,
Google’s rhyming dictionary
Seemed to have annoyingly misplaced,
Good words to rhyme with dictionary.


Anonymous said...

This made me lol out loud!

Gav Collins said...

I aim to amuse.