Wednesday 29 December 2010

Hello! (and the rules...)

However you landed here, hello and welcome to Gav’s Book Reviews, henceforth to be referred to as GBR.
Why is this book review site better than others? Because I'm like you. I read because I enjoy it. And that will be the one and only factor by which I measure what I read. Is it enjoyable? Is it worth spending your time on?
If it is, I'll tell you. If it isn't, I'll tell you that too. No massive backstory about the author. No analysis of how worthy the book is. No study as to whether the book will make you a better person.
Pure and simple, is the book worth shunning the pub, the television, the radio and your friends for (for an hour or two anyway). Will you look at it on your book shelf in a few years time and smile at the enjoyment it brought you?
I don’t read any specific type of book. And I do what I can not to be influenced by the opinions of other reviewers. And so this will (hopefully) grow to be a blog which is home to honest thoughts about a wide range of books – new and old, classic and spurious, English and otherwise, long and short, literary and light hearted.
I work for a living. And I am distracted easily in my free time. So reading/blogging will, as always, be fitted in around other pieces of my life. But I will commit myself to it. And I will post every time I finish a book.
So if you’re looking for something to read, look here first, and I’ll point you the way of something I’ve enjoyed (or point you away from something I haven’t...)
But first, the golden GBR rules...

1.       I will blog about EVERY book I read
2.       I  will NOT read other reviews of a book before I blog it
3.       I will rate every book honestly, from 1GBR (don’t waste your money) to 10GBR (sell your granny to buy this book if you have to)
4.       If you want to post your own book review here for a book I haven’t covered, email it to me at
5.       If you read a book after reading one of my reviews, you have to come back and tell me what you thought, or I’ll cry...