About me

Me. With some tea. And a silly grin. Totally sane hat though.
Hi. I’m Gav.

Without wanting to state the obvious, I love reading.
I read on the train to work. And I read before I go to bed. And I read in the corner of my living room while Mrs GBR watches Eastenders.

I’m not a pro. By day, I’m a corporate PR for an international law firm. I do this entirely for fun, and so I’m driven to think more about what I read.

I also do it to help with my writing. I’ve written a handful of short stories I’m happy with, as well as two novels I’m less happy with (a sentiment every agent I’ve sent them to shares). I’m hoping by the time I get to finishing novel #5, I’ll have something I like. And someone, somewhere will agree.

That’s the ambition.

I live in London with Mrs GBR and my goldfish Theodore. We’re all sickeningly happy.


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