About GBR

I got cards done one time. That may have been overkill.
You’ve found Gav’s Book Reviews, or as we like to call it, GBR (we like acronyms).

“We” is, in reality, pretty much just me.
We’ve been going since the end of 2010 (the very very end, if we’re honest. A bit of a pre-New Year resolution).

Mainly, we do book reviews, which go up every Sunday morning. Each book is given an out-of-ten score, and each review focuses on pros and cons rather than a rehash of the plot.

We like to spread the love, and so we read pretty much everything. From Stephen Hawking to Suzanne Collins, from Evelyn Waugh to Neil Gaiman.

I said mainly. We also do the odd author interview. Every now and then, we’ll branch out to show reviews. We’ve been known to attend bookish events and write them up. There’s even been a pretty shocking attempt at poetry, though we try to forget about that. If you and I ever meet, feel free not to bring it up.

That’s it. That’s GBR. Tell all your buddies about it. And if they seem uninterested, it’s probably more your fault than mine.


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