Friday, 2 September 2011

A week worth missing

Just a warning for those of you whose Sunday mornings are defined by reading a brand spanking new GBR book review - prepare for disappointment this weekend.

I plan to miss just my fourth Sunday all year. The excuse? It's my anniversary this weekend (2 years and counting...). I have it all planned out, and I'm afraid there'll be no room for blogging on Sunday morning.

I'd tell you what I have planned, but then I'd have to kill you - my wife has been asking about it for like a month, so she should probably know before you (she did ask first, to be fair).

Don't worry, I promise to do something equally special for you on our anniversary.

On another note, good luck to Ben and Doran, who are tying the knot on Sunday themselves. About bloomin time too. I promise not to steal too much of the limelight with my wicked cool dance moves.


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